Review Blue Sky Grandeur 23ft6

Blue Sky Grandeur 23ft6 is your home away from home caravan. The Blue Sky Grandeur has been perfectly suited for long term tourers with exceptional power and water capabilities included all at an affordable price.

Blue Sky Grandeur has been subject to an intensive quality control process, meaning everything from the wheel alignment to the air conditioning has been examined to meet their high standards.

When you buy a Blue Sky Grandeur you know you are getting the best.

Marble look benches, soft leather look couches and a bright and a bright open living space. All of this makes the Blue Sky Grandeur one of the most luxurious, long term touring vans on the road.

Modern features are complemented by top of the range appliances like a Dometic 186L 2 Door Fridge/Freezer Automatic Model and a Aircommand IIBIS 3 reverse cycle aircon and a swift oven stove top and grill.

The Blue Sky Grandeur is one of the stand out vans in the industry. With ever aspect perfectly refined to suit long term tourers.

Sunrise Caravans have eliminated the stress of power usage by giving vanners a large 150 watt worth of sola power-keeping you remote for longer. the Blue Sky Grandeur also comes complete with a 40 amp Voltech charger and a 105 amp Full River AGM batter.

The integration of 2 x 95L water tanks is also fantastic with galvanised guards protecting it from rough surfaces during your trip.

When you look at the Blue Sky Grandeur as a whole it becomes increasing obvious that practicality and ease of touring are top priorities which is a refreshing aspect sure to win RV’ers over.

Maximum storage space without compromising on floor space is the key feature to the Blue Sky Grandeur.

Stepping inside, you will find huge wardrobes and cupboards at the front and rear of the van.

This is thanks to the installation of east/west facing bed. this intelligent and innovative design is a hot topic with caravanners and manufacturers a like, as it affords a smarter use of storage options

It is clear a lot of thought has gone into the manufacturing process.

With the cupboards that sit flush against the walls, eliminating any potential bumps or knocks when moving around, however all this storage space will be useless with out the Blue Sky’s incredible 600kg payload.

This massive cargo holding ability is probably the most stand out feature in our books. It confirms that Sunrise Caravans understands the need of long term tourers without excluding infrequent travellers from the range.

So when considering your next van make sure the Blue Sky Grandeur is at the top of your list. Visit Sunrise Caravans or Phone 07 3888 4455 to have a more personalised tour of the Blue Sky Grandeur. 





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