The Sunrise Riviera

With a name inspired by the French Riviera on the Mediterranean coastline, the Sunrise Riviera certainly lives up to its namesake of being a glamorous caravan featuring stunning architecture and design. 

A true work of art commissioned by our customers, the van is the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional design. Practical in every way, the van boasts some of the latest and greatest fixtures that are stylish yet functional.

The Sunrise Riviera represents absolute prestige and luxe living.

The Outer

This gorgeous van comes complete with everything you would ever need to go off-grid for extended trips away. The use of Dibond smooth sides really adds to the sophisticated aesthetics of this caravan. Featuring Sunrise Caravans’ signature colour palette of light grey and striking vibrant orange, the van really pops against the backdrop of any Australian panorama.

Sustainably conscious, the Riviera comes complete with freshwater and grey water tanks as well as enough solar panels to keep you powering on well after you’ve camped up for the night. Let’s also not forget the 400amp Enerdrive Lithium Battery Management System; allowing you to stay off the grid for extended amounts of time.

Ensuring that luxury extends to smooth travel and towing, the van uses Australia's premium range of caravan suspension - Cruisemaster off-road suspension. With an extended A-frame and included toolbox sliders on either side, the van is well equipped in providing ample storage space for all your wares. Throw in the 16 inch wheels, a frontend stone protector and Crimsafe door, and you have a van that really sets the tone when travelling along the highway, in the burbs or across corrugated roads.

The Inner

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…but we say that beauty, when it comes to the Riviera, is in the eye of “every” beholder.

As you walk through the door of the Riviera, you are met with an ambience that screams coastal and traditional design. The interior colour palette is calming, making good use of neutral tones such as whites and light greys, paired with darker tones of dark grey and light charcoal. Combined, the use of these colours appear unified; making the space feel light and breezy.

The club lounge features semi-dark textured grey material that is repeated in trimmings throughout the van, and highlighted by perfectly positioned lights that accentuate the contrast of colour and variety of materials used.

Motivi Laminate graces the kitchen bench and club lounge table, offering both a sleek and durable finish. Classic tap ware and deep stainless steel basin really complete the gourmet kitchen; giving it a timeless look and feel with a touch of practicality. The included cooktop, microwave and oven help make this space perfect for any chef extraordinaire.

Ingredients, condiments, and all your beverages can be perfectly situated in the Dometic Fridge and in the floor to ceiling roll-out pantry. There is ample space for all your needs.

Speaking of space, the Sunrise Riviera is a caravan of grand proportions. Via use of classic-style cabinetry, the van features cupboards along the upper areas of three walls, as well as soft-close drawers in the kitchen. Furthermore, there are cupboards scattered throughout, allowing you the freedom to store and stow your provisions where you feel best.

The fourth wall, at the rear of the caravan, is adorned with a gorgeous 2-door vanity mirror above a deep white porcelain bowl and classic steel tap. Again, using a light and fresh colour palette, the ensuite amplifies natural light; breathing a sense of life into the space.

Often referred to as “large and luxurious”, the ensuite is a focal point in the van, capturing the attention of any discerning caravan enthusiast and drawing them in to be immersed by a space that serves to further elevate the entire caravan.

Featuring the same Motivi Laminate benchtop, the ensuite offers a relaxed ambience through its clever use of contrasting colours of whites and dark greys. Not only stylish and practical, the ensuite also serves as a laundry, a toilet and a shower. In fact, the shower, boasting one of the larger moulds in the industry, provides maximum elbow room for all who use it.

The Summary

Sophisticated, coastal, prestige and luxury are all words that come to mind when describing the Sunrise Riviera. It is designed for those who expect nothing but the very best in fixtures and finishes. It really does have a little extra of everything, including a diesel heater to keep you warm and cosy during those cold winter nights.

If you are seeking a van that will withstand the rugged Australian terrain. A van that will provide you with the power to keep on discovering and exploring. A van that will turn heads and have you be the talk of the campground. A van that will immerse you in absolute luxury and prestige.

Then look no further than the Sunrise Riviera Prestige Edition - the ultimate wanderlust travel companion.

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