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Sunrise Caravans

Sunrise Caravans are kitted out with all the latest mod-cons. Even when you are in the most rugged and isolated of places, you can still enjoy comfort and an easy breezy lifestyle.

When you’re choosing the caravan that will take you around Australia, choose quality and the top of the line. Choose Sunrise Caravans, and you can free camp in the utmost opulence.  See Our Range.

Blue Sky Caravans

When you are buying a Blue Sky Caravan, you are buying quality assurance and peace of mind. Their commitment to the very best components and a tailored caravan for each customer means that you get real value for money and a guaranteed great holiday.

An Australian company, Blue Sky Caravans are built to withstand our harsh conditions, and to keep you comfortable as can be. Each van is backed by an Australia-wide warranty, but the quality of manufacturing means you are much less likely to need it.  See Our Range.

Pre-loved Caravans

We at Sunrise Caravans take pride in all of our used vans, and ensure that they are of a high standard. All of our trades have to meet our strict quality control giving you peace of mind knowing that you have invested in a prestige used caravan.  See Our Range.

Off-Road Caravans

Tough caravans purpose-built for off-road exploration and adventures.  See Our Range.

Semi Off-Road Caravans

Caravans with larger tyres and better suspension allow for some semi to off-road travel on dirt roads but you won’t be able to stray too far from the tarmac  See Our Range.

Family Caravans

Caravans perfect to take the whole family on the ultimate adventure. Featuring vans up to 6 berth!  See Our Range.