We Are Proudly Australian Partnering With Montana Caravans

Bordies, thongs, sunnies, Vegemite, Tim Tams. All of these are staples in Australian culture. When it comes to brands; Vegemite, QANTAS, Arnott’s and Bunnings all have a long history that has cemented each of them as being some of Australia’s most iconic brands.

Why is that? It’s because they represent and champion the Aussie spirit.

At Sunrise Caravans, we would like to think that we do the same; that is, we not only represent and champion what it means to be Australian, but we also share in this spirit with our customers.

Camping, caravanning, going bush or a having a weekend away. Call it what you like, us Aussie’s, we love a good trip away as a couple, a family or a group of mates. It’s just who we are and what we’re about. We’re nomadic by nature!

At Sunrise Caravans, we live and breathe caravanning just like our customers or, as we like to call them, our Sunrise Family do. We plan trips away with them, we visit towns and regions in need, we encourage our Sunrise Family to contribute during our trips away, and we organise games, tours, food, and entertainment.

We make sure our trips have everything a good Aussie weekend should have; great location, great company, great food, great tours, great games, and a great opportunity to make a difference to a struggling Aussie town. It’s all part and parcel of what it means to be Australian.

Another way we support and encourage the Australian spirit is by ensuring the brands we sell and stand behind are built by Australians for Australians for Australian conditions. We only partner with Australian-owned manufacturers and we build strong ongoing relationships with them to ensure the utmost quality in build and design is realised and that feedback from our customers is acknowledged and implemented when required.

Recently we partnered with Montana Caravans. Proudly Australian owned and operated, the company was established in May 2006 by directors Peter and Lilly. 

Prior to starting the business, Peter worked for 10 years in the caravan industry. Now in their 14th year of manufacturing, the business continues to create, innovate and supply high-quality off-road caravans to enthusiasts Australia-wide.

We chose to partner with them based on their extensive knowledge of caravan building and construction; which allows them to produce one of the highest quality vans that we have seen in Australia. Equipped and finished with the finest quality fixtures and upholstery, Peter and Lilly attribute their high quality standards being consistently achieved by hiring and retaining highly experienced professionals who are committed to producing an excellent standard of workmanship.

Another reason we chose to work with Montana is because they specialise in custom built caravans; allowing our customers the opportunity to design their perfect caravan suited to their lifestyle preference.

Like Sunrise Caravans, being a small business, Montana are able to personally engage with our customers and allow them to be a part of the manufacturing process; observing their van at every stage from the chassis to the finished product.

Sunrise Caravans has always been about providing the best possible solution to our customers, and Montana Caravans helps us do this by providing luxury leisure accommodation at affordable prices and with high quality design that boasts original and innovative features, using quality materials, fabrics and fittings.

Peter and Lilly, like us, have a great passion about the quality of the caravans they build. Each caravan needs to comply with and achieve their very high standards, meaning that our customers get quality every time.

They understand that every customer has different requirements and therefore offer flexibility of their designs to allow customers the freedom to customise their caravan to suit their distinctive taste and/or personal needs.

Exceptional attention to detail and quality control measures mean that Peter and Lilly always check the designs and customer needs to ensure the dream caravan is built to the customers’ desired specifications, and that all are correct, safe, and user friendly.

We are proud to add the range of Montana Caravans to the our stable and even more proud to be supporting a fellow Australian owned business manufacturing in our country.

If you would like to know more about the Montana range of caravans, click here.

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