How You Can Help those Affected by the Bushfires

Australia, our beloved country, is often referred to as our “sunburnt country”; an apt description embodying our amazing rich brown and red soil landscape, unique wildlife, and the Aussie way of life.

However, Australia has recently become a nation ravaged by wildfires; causing widespread devastation that has taken homes, human life, and wildlife. As of a day ago (Sunday, January 12) it is said that:

  • 27 people have died
  • more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed
  • 18 million acres have burned, and
  • a billion animals may have been killed

The response, locally, statewide, nationally and internationally has been overwhelming; with firies, volunteers, charities, businesses, billionaires, singers, actors, comedians, the Australian and international community all linking arms to help during this incredibly challenging and devasating time in our country.

There has been a call to action; and people from all corners of the world have collectively acknowledged our plight. TV Host Ellen Degeneres acknowledged Australia at the recent 2020 Golden Globes, “Australia, I love you, my heart goes out to everyone who is suffering in Australia, all the animals that we’ve lost.”  The US TV host recently pledged support to Australia’s bushfire relief by launching a $US5 million fundraiser on her show; announcing the fund would “help the firefighters, the people and the animals of Australia”.

How you can help

There are many ways you too can pledge your support for those affected by wildfires raging across our nation. Here are a few we’ve come across.

Humanitarian Aid

Facebook has also activated Safety Check so residents can update friends and family about their safety status.

Wildlife Aid

Saying up-to-date

You can stay up-to-date with what’s happening with the bushfires by visiting:

What Our Government is Doing

Here a few recent articles about what our government is doing to assist in this time of crisis:

Our hope…

Our hope is that you join the millions of everyday Australian’s in contributing to helping those in need. This is something that goes to the very core of who we are as a nation…and who we are at Sunrise Caravans. For those of you we consider our extended family (customers) and have attended our Owner’s Trips, you know that our heart lies in helping communities in need. We hope you share our sentiment and also choose to give back to regions that need help right now; the very regions you no doubt have or will visit during your caravan road-trips. Please support the towns that support the joy you experience travelling our amazing country.

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