5 ways to keep your caravan long-lasting

If you enjoy heading off on holiday in your caravan on a regular basis, wear and tear is inevitable. For many people, their caravan is their pride and joy, and holds many fond memories of family holidays and quality time together. Therefore, although many caravan maintenance procedures are mostly common sense, we’ve rounded up five tips to help ensure your caravan lasts well into the future.

1. Have your caravan serviced every 10,000km

For the best results from your vehicle, we recommend you have your caravan serviced every 10,000km (or once a year). A service will help to spot any issues with the caravan’s bearings, oil and operations before they become too costly or prevent you from heading off on your travels. A regular service will also check the following: 

– Tyre condition
– Battery charge state
– Wheel nut tightness 
– Electrical connections 
– Stabiliser friction pads 

2. Make sure your caravan is well ventilated

Damp conditions can lead to mould or mildew forming inside your caravan, which creates a musty and unpleasant smell. To prevent this, ensure your caravan is well ventilated by opening the windows regularly and consider investing in a dehumidifier. You should also avoid drying your laundry inside the caravan and keep the shower door closed at all times to prevent steam from entering other rooms. We also suggest checking for any leaks after a heavy downpour. 

3. Install sensor lights 

Towing a caravan can present some challenges, but it’s generally easier than many people believe. One way to ensure you’re aware of what’s around you at all times is to install sensor lights. These will alert you if your caravan is about to collide with another vehicle or hit a stationary object. Not only do they ensure you stay safe while on the road, but they could help prevent costly damage. 

4. Prioritise tank flush-outs 

Ensure you set aside time to regularly flush out your caravan’s water tank. If you keep an eye on the water gauge level, you’ll be able to observe blockages and resolve them quickly too. To make the process easier, you can add additives to the water to help break down solid waste. You can also add a steriliser to reduce the amount of contaminants and algae in the drinking water. 

5. Prevent infestations 

Infestations are common, and they can damage a rig permanently if you don’t take care of them immediately. Rats, critters, termites and cockroaches could cause damage to the chassis and create endless holes. To prevent infestations, use a sealant (extra strong) on the caravan’s floor to block access for rodents and ants. 

For more caravan tips and tricks, or for advice on caravanning in Queensland and Australia, contact the team at Sunrise Caravans today.

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