10 Ways to Easily Spruce Up Your Caravan

Just like a house becomes a home when you add those personal touches, so too can your caravan. If you want to give your caravan a little lift and make it a little more homely, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered 10 wonderful tips on how to easily spruce up your caravan. 

1. Check out the latest trends

Just like you would update your home interior, you can update your caravan interior too! Thanks to picture-based apps such as Instagram and Pinterest, it has never been easier to source interior inspiration. Find your favourite design trends, whether it’s shabby chic, country-style or modern, and use those as the base to decorate your caravan’s interior. It might need a lick of paint to start with! 

2. Cushions galore

To create a homely, cosy feel, you need to make use of cushions. They’re the easiest way to transform a space quickly. Try tying them in with the theme you’ve picked in point number one.

3. Personalise

There’s no better way to spruce up your caravan than adding a touch of yourself into it. Make your space personal with photo frames or collages, or if you want to take the DIY approach then just print out photos of you, family and friends and stick them over the caravan walls with wall-safe tape. 

4. Add pots and plants

Plants and flowers brighten up a room in an instant, and they’re the perfect addition to your caravan space. Choose flowers with bright and beautiful colours to add a happy atmosphere to the room. To make sure there are no mishaps along your travels with spilt soil, get down to your local Ikea store and choose from a whole range of artificial plants and flowers.

5. Accessorise with ornaments

Don’t underestimate the power of an ornament to spruce a space up. Choose items from your home, or head to a vintage store to find quirky pieces to add a unique element and talking point to your caravan space. 

6. Add a new mat or carpet

You can instantly make a caravan a home by adding a fitted mat or carpet. You can opt for funky patterns, neutral colours, or a beautiful oriental style. Either way, adding something cosy will instantly make the space seem warmer and more welcoming. 

7. Add new lighting

A great way to spruce up your space is to add new lighting. Whether you go for a small hanging lamp or a large standing lamp, you can choose different coloured bulbs to add a unique style to your space. You could also create a delicate atmosphere by adding beautiful fairy lights around the outside and inside of the caravan. This will create a beautiful tranquil area to escape to. 

8. Update the upholstery

If the upholstery in your caravan is looking a little tired, why not invest in a few throws? You can source these cheaply on the high street. Throws have another great purpose – not only will they add a little vibrancy and life to a generic or tired interior, they’ll also prove invaluable for winter cuddles in the cold. 

9. Switch from curtains to blinds (or vice versa)

If you are going for a more contemporary feel, think about replacing your curtains with blinds. The possibilities are endless – Venetians, roller blinds, metal, fabric and much more. Or, if you want to create a cosy, country-style feel, then switch those blinds to beautiful curtains. 

10. Bring something from home

The easiest and final way to spruce up your caravan is to literally take your favourite things from home and put them in your caravan. Whether that’s your favourite pillow, blanket, or accessory, you’ll end up feeling much happier and more comfortable. 

So, there you have it! 10 easy ways to spruce up your caravan. If you’re interested in more tips, or you’re thinking of purchasing your own caravan, then check out our website today.

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