10 Organisational Tips for Caravans

Your caravan is your home away from home, your mobile castle. So, whether you are a member of the tribe of grey nomads roaming the Australian landscape or taking the family on the road for your annual holiday, you want to make sure that it is neat and comfortable.

To help keep your caravanning, uncluttered and unbothered, here are 10 tips to keep your caravan organised.

Dispose of Boxes get Cereal Dispensers

Cereal Dispensers can cut down on the amount of precious cupboard and bench space bulky boxes gobble up. They can be hung on the caravan wall above the kitchen counter providing both the easy access and a clean organised look random boxes and packages won’t give. The one pictured can be purchased from kogan.com.

Invest in Collapsible and Nesting Kitchenware

While pots, pans and various other kitchen tools are essential, they don’t have to take up much room. A collapsible colander, for example, will use the fraction of the space of a standard one and cookware that can rest in each other eliminates the chance of a disorganised mess.

Rack up Free Space with Shoe Racks

The humble shoe rack is one of those versatile storage items that can be used to organise a massive range of items. You can keep electronic items, emergency equipment, like torches and extra batteries in their deep pockets

Stackable Storage Tubs

This is the workhorse in the war against cluttered spaces. If you can find a snug corner in your caravan to keep them, stackable tubs provide a brilliant way to keep everything from clothing to toys and documents safe, dry and out of the way. The one pictured is available from Officeworks.

Get Hooked on Hooks

Install hooks on the sides of cupboards, on walls and on doors, basically on any vertical surface to free up draws. Hang everything from cooking spoons, spatulas, dustpans and brushes. The one pictured can be purchased from Ikea.

Back Yourself with Back Seat Organisers

Keep documents, portable electronic devices, drink bottles, or even a pair of comfy slippers in convenient pockets you can drape over the typically unused space at the back of your seat. You can buy the one we’ve pictured above from Kmart.

Use a Hanging Waste Basket

Instead of shoving a bulky garbage bin under the kitchen counter. A hanging wastebasket can increase storage space and has the added benefit of not hiding a bin that needs to be taken out.

Put up a Pantry Organiser

If you don’t already have a pantry organiser installed in your caravan cupboard go out and get one. With many options on the market, you will be spoilt for choice selecting a system that organises spice bottles, canned goods and other items neatly and efficiently.

Strap on the Velcro

Does your remote control go walkabout? Do your mobile phones tend to go on their own holiday now and again? Well sick a velcro strip with adhesive backs on these items and the other strip to a wall or the inside of a door and they’ll never go astray again. It also provides a dedicated space for these items. The ones pictured are available from Officeworks.

Cradle Your Dishes

A dish cradle is a great way to keep your dishes in the smallest space possible. You can store them in a snug corner of the kitchen bench or put them in an overhead cupboard.

For more caravan tips or if you want to reach out to an expert to have a chat about our brand new and pre-loved caravans, check out our some other articles on our website or jump in the car and come visit our dealership. We’d love to make you a coffee and talk about your next dream holiday!

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