Four Tips for Caravanning with Kids

Taking the kids caravanning is a great way for them to experience new and exciting things, but it comes with an extra level of organisation. So, to help you plan for your next family trip, here are five helpful tips for caravanning with the kids. Hype up your trip If you’re a parent, you know […]

4 Tips for Life on the Road

The caravan lifestyle has become hugely popular across Australia, with more and more people joining the caravan enthusiast movement each year. If you are considering jumping on the bandwagon…or caravan so to speak, here are some helpful tips to help you get started. Invest in the right caravan While it may seem simple, choosing the […]

5 Tips for Caravanning with Dogs

There’s nothing quite like a holiday, and for dog owners, it’s often a priority to plan a dog-friendly trip. Having a caravan allows you the freedom to travel as you please, and bring your canine friend with you. But there are some important things to remember. Here are five caravan tips for dog owners.  1. […]

Packing for a Caravan Holiday: Five Packing Tips

Are you considering a caravan holiday? Perhaps you have friends or family members who have told you some of their exciting stories and experiences while on the road during an Aussie summer holiday. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Caravans are surprisingly popular in Australia and can bring you comfort during a long stint on the road […]

Stay Cool No Matter What the Weather May Bring!

The news has been running hot with reports of record temperatures across Australia. Some reaching in the high 40’s. Although caravanning is an amazing way to see more of our sunburnt country, one of the biggest challenges for caravanners is temperature control! When the thermometer starts to soar (especially this month), finding ways to keep […]