For some, caravanning is an annual pilgrimage, returning to places year after year and enjoying the relaxation that familiarity brings – the familiarity of people, places, restaurants and recreational activities. For many though, caravanning, camping and off-roading brings with it the excitement of new horizons. These ‘sites unseen’ offer the thrill of visiting new towns, meeting new people, stopping overnight or lingering for longer.

Tips for unfamiliar sites.

Whether you are planning your stops in advance, or you are stopping where and when the mood strikes you, there are some basic things you need to bear in mind when pulling into an unfamiliar caravan site.

• What are the dimensions of your caravan and your vehicle?
• Does the caravan park or national park accept single night stays?
• Are powered sites available?
• Are there toilet, shower or laundry amenities?
• Are there grassed areas nearby?
• Are there any communal activities?

Take your time when you stop at a caravan park. Have a passenger or another caravan park visitor assist you by looking out for obstacles. By not rushing, you will be less flustered and less likely to make a mistake, or do any damage to your vehicle. Some places will even park your van for you – now that’s service.

A popular attraction at many caravan parks is a communal kitchen or dining area where guests are encouraged to bring some nibbles to share, have a drink, and get to know other like-minded travellers.

What you can do before you travel?

Let’s face it, parking and setting up a van can be stressful enough without the added pressure of trying to manoeuvre into a tight van spot, with ‘cocktail hour’ onlookers ogling your every move. Before you even leave home you can easily eliminate some of the parking stress by investing in quality towing mirrors, and have your vehicle and van dimension information stored for ready access.

What are you waiting for? There are millions of sites unseen. As long as you know your vehicle and your caravan, there’s no holding you back – the world awaits.

Photo Source : Courtesy of Max Trish Hornsby

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