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The Check-procedure before Your Trip

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The Check-procedure before Your Trip

The secret to a successful holiday and traveling  is making your  research and well planning. It is essential to research the area in which you wish to camp. Hence the understanding of the surrounding area will prepare you for the conditions you are likely to encounter.

When you are traveling to beachside areas, the ground is usually sandy and you will need a selection of suitable sand pegs. In other places the ground can be very hard so you will be in need for strong short pegs. Other inconvenient details besides sand can affect your trip, such as the wind. Some coastal areas can be windier then some inland areas. So the need for extra ropes, pegs, possible windbreaks should be considered. The same goes for the caravanning. So, in order to be 100 % prepared before the trip, complete the following simple check-procedure few weeks prior to the trip and save a lot of stress.

Your To Do List

  • Check wheel bearings: grasp the tyres and rock. Is there excessive movement that requires further investigation?
  • The load mass: does the caravan suspension look right, and the load properly distributed and balanced? If not sure then it is advisable to weigh the caravan on a public weighbridge.
  • Brakes/ brake fluid: do they function properly, and whether the brake fluid level is correct (where applicable)
  • check for the light in following order: brake lights, left indicators, right indicators, park lights and at the end others, and make sure you carry along extra globes. Check all lamps with tail lamps on.
  • Tyre inflation/rims: are the tyres, including the spare ones correctly inflated, and if not sure about the recommended pressures for the caravan then check the handbook where you will find all the needed details, and act accordingly. Next check whether all of the tyre and rim sizes match.
  • Battery: whether they are fully charged and are the water levels correct.
  • Loads: ensure that the load you are carrying is properly secured and limit the amount of load in the boot of your tow vehicle


Towing safely – Whenever towing and following the next procedures you will reduce risks and improve towing safety: Remember to allow extra length and width of caravans and trailers, and their tendency to cut in- on corners and curves. The added weight on your vehicle and the caravan combination requires greater stopping distance when braking. Always have this in mind when towing. Brakes, accelerator and steering must be operated smoothly when towing. Unnecessary steering wheel movement should be avoided because sway of the vehicle and caravan can occur. If this happens while towing the caravans for sale Qld, the brakes should be applied gently if they can be operated separately from the towing vehicle, or a steady speed or slight acceleration should be maintained until the sway ceases.

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