It’s a great Australian dream to get on the road in a caravan with your loved ones and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether it’s a big lap of the nation or a quick trip to a secret destination, there are caravans of all shapes and sizes to suit every travel style and fit every budget. Check out what we have on offer with our Sunrise Caravans and Blue Sky Caravans.

Best of all, these days there’s a range of easy financing options available, so you can get the caravan you want on fair terms, allowing you to have the dream trip you’ve always wanted.

One of the best finance companies we’ve dealt with for caravan finance is CreditONE, an Australian brokerage that began in Brisbane many moons ago and is now right across Australia and New Zealand.

They’re specialists at loans for cars and caravans, and their options for getting people into the rigs they want is second to none.

Secured caravan loans with CreditONE

A popular option for caravan finance with CreditONE is a secured loan – which means that the caravan you choose to buy is used as the security.

The amount that gets loaned is equal to, less or greater than the sticker price, depending on what amount suits your needs and budget.

Once the contract is completed, you have clear title of the caravan – but the whole time the loan is underway you get to use it.

Caravan chattel mortgages with CreditONE

Another option for caravan finance with CreditONE is a chattel mortgage – where the customer owns the caravan outright at the time of purchase.

The financier loans funds to the customer to make the purchase then takes a mortgage out over the caravan as security. Once it’s all paid off, then the customer gets clear title.

Get the caravan you want now

Whichever way you choose to go with CreditONE– chattel mortgage or secured loan – the result is the same.

You get the caravan you want so you can start enjoying life on the road.

With simple repayment terms, caravan finance allows you to purchase a high-quality van with all the features that you’re after, without compromise.

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