Sunrise Caravans at the Pre-Christmas Caravan Show 2017

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Sunrise Caravans at the Pre-Christmas Caravan Show 2017

Sunrise Caravans are excited to announce we will again be exhibiting at Caravanning Queensland’s 2017 Pre-Christmas Caravan Show. From October 26th onwards, we’ll be exhibiting our custom caravans among thousands of other great travel homes.

Tis’ the season to treat yourself! And what better way than with a new luxury home on wheels? Give yourself the gift of the best way to experience the great outdoors – in comfort, style, and pure opulence.

We just love exhibiting at the Pre-Christmas Caravan Show. There’s that Christmas buzz in the air, where everyone is getting ready to take a holiday, soak up summer, and spend time with loved ones. It’s also a chance for Sunrise Caravans to do what we do best, which is help our customers find the perfect caravan.

The Pre-Christmas Caravan Show will be filled to the brim with quality caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers. You’ll find everything you need to get on the road. Thousands of caravan products, tourism exhibitors to help you decide where to travel and some great dining experiences as well. Everything will be there in the one spot, so you can easily find exactly what you are after.

Of course, there’ll be great shopping too, but one of the main reasons that the Pre-Christmas Caravan Show is such a good time is the crowd. It’s not just about finding your new quality caravan, but about experiencing the culture of caravanning. Some great travel tales and caravan yarns are often swapped at this event over coffee or a meal.

We describe this industry with one word: passion. Passion for a great lifestyle, passion for our amazing sunburnt country, passion to spend time with friends and family, and passion to hit the open road.

Events hosted by Caravanning Queensland allow us to share our passion for this industry with thousands of others. Each and every year we meet fun, exciting people who all share our love for caravanning. It reaffirms for us that we are in the right industry, that we’ve followed our calling.

To Caravanning Queensland and other industry bodies like the CIAA, we say thank you for hosting these first-class events! The atmosphere is just great, and they are a wonderful way to get together and encourage our state and nation to participate in the incredible culture of caravanning.

It’s an honour and a privilege to serve our customers and fellow caravan lovers. We sincerely thank Caravanning Queensland for bringing people together, and for the opportunity to help more people to travel our beautiful and beloved Australia.

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