The news has been running hot with reports of record temperatures across Australia. Some reaching in the high 40’s.

Although caravanning is an amazing way to see more of our sunburnt country, one of the biggest challenges for caravanners is temperature control! When the thermometer starts to soar (especially this month), finding ways to keep cool can be a challenge. We’re here to help! The Sunrise team have put their heads together and come up with some fast, effective ways to ensure everyone stays chilled when the heat’s on!

Wear the right clothes and stay hydrated

Sounds obvious, but how many times do you see people running around in the heat of the day without a sunhat or in a black T-shirt? Light clothing that protects from the sun, a sunhat, sunscreen and plenty of water (limit caffeinated beverages and/or alcohol as these can increase dehydration) will all help to minimise the effects of the sun.

Consider sleeping arrangements

We all love our doona, but sometimes, depending on the type, they can really add to cooking us while we sleep. I am sure you don’t want to wake up with a sweaty back. If you must use a donna, we suggest one made of natural Australian wool. These donna’s tend to be more breathable; helping to regulate body temperature. Otherwise, wear light, breathable clothing and throw a cotton sheet over yourself (we suggest Egyptian cotton). For extra added comfort and brief respite from the heat, put your sheets in the fridge or freezer a few minutes before bed. Make sure you put them in a plastic bag first.

Wet face cloth

Place a face cloth or washer in cold water. We suggest a bowl filled with cold water and ice cubes. Wring the cloth out so that it’s damp and not dripping wet then lay it across your forehead or the back of your neck. Also try placing freezer bags with ice cubes n pulse points throughout your body, like your wrists, neck, elbows and behind the knees.

Stay hydrated at night

Goes without saying that drinking water throughout the day can help on hot days, but, how about staying hydrated while you sleep. Drink a glass of water before get in bed. The tossing and turning during the night, not to mention the sweating, can result in dehydration. Getting some water into you beforehand can really help minimise dehydration.

Close the blinds

A sure way to keep your van nice and cool inside is to close the window blinds and shades throughout the day to prevent the the sun coming in. In the later afternoon, especially if there is a breeze, open the blinds and shades as well as the windows on both sides of your van to allow the flow through of cool breeze.

Although a degree of warmth is all part of the holiday experience, these simple suggestions could make the difference between an adventure and a miserable time away. Enjoy your trip and stay cool!

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