A common sight in caravan parks in Australia is that of grey nomads giving their van a scrub down with a bucket and sponge.

This can be a big chore, especially if you’ve just tackled the Gibb River Road and have more dust and mud than a buffalo in the dry season.

But there’s a product on the market that’s making life much easier for caravan enthusiasts, and making sure everyone who uses it looks good all the time.

Vantec Protection is a one-time paint preservation sealant for your caravans’ exterior, eliminating the need to wax or polish the caravan ever again by locking in a slick layer that resists all dirt and grime.

There’s also a range of products available to protect the interior of the caravan too, meaning with Vantec you’re covered inside and out.

With Vantec Protection, you simply have to wash the van down with water to keep it looking great. For the interior, Vantec’s products protect surfaces from spills and keep them looking “as new” for years

But perhaps the best thing about Vantec’s products is that they can significantly influence the resale value of your caravan through reserving its good looks.

With Vantec Protection you’ll have much more time to spend enjoying the great outdoors instead of keeping your van clean. You’ll also great peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s protected from whatever Mother Nature and your lifestyle can throw at it.

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