New Caravans For Sale

New Caravans For Sale

New caravans for sale at Sunrise Caravans Burpengary.  Since 2004  Sunrise Caravans have being selling new caravans for sale for our customers.

Most of all our customers enjoy and experience our full range of new caravans  that suits their lifestyles and needs.

We have been based at our Burpengary dealership since 2004,  which is 35 mins  North of Brisbane. 

Sunrise Caravans

First of all we are a  family owned and operated business who are passionate about matching our customers with the perfect caravan for them. 

As a result new caravans for sale is our expertise.  Our staff know their caravans, and aren’t in the business of exaggerating truths to get sales.  Pushy sales techniques are just not our style.  We prefer to give you as much information and as many options as possible to let you decide for yourself.

Don’t take our word for it – read all about it online!  They say the proof is in the pudding. We have plenty of caravan reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers who have enjoyed new caravans for sale from Sunrise Caravans all around Australia!

Leading Brands

Choose from our 3 leading brands of Blue Sky, Great Ocean and our top of the range Sunrise Caravans.  Therefore we cater for all types of budgets and our ranges start from 18ft6 Single axle ensuite vans to 30ft tri axle vans..

As a result our vans are designed for touring,  semi off road and off road conditions.  Furthermore all of our new caravans for sale come standard with 150 watt solar panel and battery pack. This way ensuring your always powered up. You can upgrade and add more solar and more batteries if you were looking to be self sufficient for longer.

Built tough and sturdy to withstand even the most harshest conditions that this country has to offer. In addition those who choose to be a little more adventurous and are looking for semi off road  capabilities, will appreciate  our range of caravans will get you in and out of most places off the beaten track

 Therefore let one of our friendly staff,  help you  find the right caravan for you at an affordable price that suits your travelling needs.

Follow Your Dreams With Sunrise Caravans!