Australia of late has really been put through the ringer; experiencing bushfires, floods, droughts and, recently, the coronavirus pandemic.

There is no time better than now to support the Local Economy. Businesses and their owners are doing it hard and it’s important that we as a nation do our bit to help. The easiest way to do that is simply by choosing to buy Australian-made.

There are so many advantages to purchasing Australian-made, including superior quality products and higher quality manufacturing processes. Australia truly does have a reputation for producing some of the best-quality products in the entire world.

In our business, we have, of recent, begun fielding many questions regarding Australian-made and how to tell the difference. We thought we would try break it down for you to help you understand better.


According to, Australia produces a lot of fantastic products; including clothes, toys, skincare, furniture, building materials, trucks and even caravans. They say that buying Australian products means we support the Australian economy and Australian workers.

When considering if a purchase is authentically Australian, the important thing to note is “country of origin”; this is where the product was manufactured, produced or grown.

The advantage of buying a product that originates from Australia is that it has had to adhere to high safety and quality standards which are set in law. It is the meeting of these higher standards that mean a higher quality product for you and peace of mind that spare parts and repair centres are only a phone call away.

Another important thing to note is that when you buy in Australia, the value you spend stays in Australia.

So what does that actually mean for Australia?

For the purpose of this article, we’ll use caravans as an example.

You buy from an Australian owned dealership -> they buy your caravan from an Australian owned manufacturer -> they buy their accessories from Australian owned businesses -> they all, as businesses, employ Australian workers.

The more Aussie jobs there are, the more money those employees spend on shopping, travel, movies, tours etc, therefore supporting the Australian Economy.

All these Australian businesses and employees pay their taxes which in turn help the Government pay for hospitals, schools, roads, and, recently, the stimulus packages like Jobkeeper and Jobseeker.

So, it makes sense to buy here in Australia from Australian businesses.

The most important thing to do when wanting to BUY AUSTRALIAN-MADE is to simply ask the question “what is the country of origin”. Regardless of whether the product is assembled here, altered here or added to here, the original “country of origin” remains exactly that – the “country of origin”.

The only way a business who imports from overseas can tout Australian Made or otherwise, is if they meet certain criteria as laid out by Australian Consumer Law and the Australian Made Campaign. We’ve listed these below so you are more informed when next buying your home away from home.

In order for a person not to contravene the country of origin representation provisions, there are certain general requirements that need to be met:

  • the goods must have been substantially transformed in Australia
  • 50% or more of the total cost of producing or manufacturing the goods occurred in Australia, and conform to the s 256 calculations under the ACL
  • Australia was the country of origin for each significant ingredient or component
  • all, or virtually all, of the processes involved with production or manufacturing happened in Australia. (Source:

The ACL (subsection 255(2)) effectively states that a good has been substantially transformed in a particular country if the good:

a. was grown in a particular country (where each ingredient or significant component of the good was grown in that country; and all, or virtually all, processes involved in the production or manufacture of the good happened in that country); or

b. is the produce or product of a particular country (where the country was the country of origin of each significant ingredient or significant component of the good; and all, or virtually all, processes involved in the production or manufacture of the good happened in that country); or

c. as a result of one or more processes undertaken in that country, is fundamentally different in identity, nature or essential character from all of its ingredients or components that were imported into that country.

The mere assembly of imported components into household or other items may not be considered to be a substantial transformation. (Source:

For more information about buying Australian, visit the following websites:

Buy Australian Made Campaign Video –

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