Taking the kids caravanning is a great way for them to experience new and exciting things, but it comes with an extra level of organisation. So, to help you plan for your next family trip, here are five helpful tips for caravanning with the kids.

Hype up your trip

If you’re a parent, you know just how excited kids get in the lead up to Christmas and Easter. The same excitement can be generated in the lead up to your caravan trip. Once you’ve decided on dates, set up a countdown on a calendar and get the kids to check off each day as you get closer. To make it even more exciting, consider giving them little gifts for the trip each week in the lead-up, such as a bucket and spade, ball, toy or pool inflatable.

Establish a routine

Travelling around in a caravan can make some children anxious. The changes in environment and constant moving can be a little unsettling, so it’s important to find a routine that makes your kids feel safe and secure. Try to keep your caravan routine similar to their normal routine at home by eating and bathing at the same time and assigning designated time for naps (if needed).

Pack lots of activities

Even the most well-behaved kids have short attention spans and there’s only so long ‘I Spy’ and the ‘Number Plate Game’ will entertain them. Before you set off on your caravan trip make sure you stock your caravan with lots of fun activities to keep them busy while you’re on the road. Try to pack a mix of digital devices and old school favourites such as soft toys, LEGO, colouring sets, board games and activity books.

Consider upsizing your caravan

While your current caravan might have been perfect for your partner, you’d be surprised just how much more space you need with a couple of kids. Before you plan your family caravan trip, consider upgrading to something a little bigger (like the Blue Sky Family Tourer 21ft). If you’re looking to save some cash on the upgrade, then consider buying a second-hand van.

Have fun

The memories you make caravanning with the kids will be ones you’ll remember forever. Take lots of pictures, spend quality time together and remember to have fun!

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