Part of the draw of caravanning and being on the road is the ability to get some distance from the hustle and bustle of real-life.

However, there are still advantages to strategically using social media to help keep in touch with loved ones, get the latest advice, and even turn your big travel trip into a small project, like a blog. Here are four apps you can use for travel on the road.

1. Need a campsite? Try WikiCamps Australia

WikiCamps provides information on 22,000 campsites all over Australia, as well as caravan parks and dump spots. There’s an offline option so you don’t need to worry about having phone reception or wifi. It comes with a $7.99 price tag, but for all the campsites at your fingertips, perhaps it’s worth the expense.

2. Running on empty? Try Fuel Map Australia

Wondering where your next fuel stop might be? Look no further than Fuel Map Australia, detailing petrol stations all over the country. For those on a budget, this handy app also helps monitor your fuel usage. In-app purchases apply.

3. Getting the best tips and ideas – Pinterest

Pinterest is a picture posting platform, offering a great ability to interact with people to get help and advice. You can tailor your feed for all sorts of useful information and guidance. It’s free and easy to use, just type in the search terms and you’ll find all kinds of ideas to help plan your stay.

4. Share your journey – WordPress

Fancy turning your travel experience into a travel log? Look no further than WordPress. A free blogging app that provides templates and excellent functionality for writing down your journey in a literary fashion. There’s an active community in WordPress, so if you’re looking to expand your audience, it’s a great place to start.

Travel is a good way to get away from things, but if you still want to keep connected, even a little, these apps can help you plan your trip and stay connected. Safe journey!

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