Caravanning for the Whole Family

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In 2009, the Willett family (Dad, Mum and four kids) hitched a caravan to the back of their car and took off on an adventure. A six-month trip has turned into an odyssey. According to the ABC, the Willets are still on the road and are loving every minute of it. 

While the Willetts may be a unique case, caravanning with family is not. According to Tourism Australia Research’s latest data, families holidaying with their kids spent 11.1 million nights in caravan parks and campgrounds in 2016. 

The benefits of caravanning are huge. There are no hotel bookings, no gear to pack and unpack, no planes to catch. Just a wide open road and places you could stop forever. 

Up to 40% of Australian intrastate travellers choose short breaks or weekends away, and 55% will stay up to three nights each trip. The right type of caravan becomes crucial in planning the perfect family road trip. 

The Blue Sky Family Tourer Caravan is the gold class in family-oriented caravans. A strong beast, the caravan is powered by a 105-amp battery as well as a 150-watt solar panel. A family with kids on the road will need all the energy they can get. 

One of the Tourer’s best features is the 950mm bench height and 2m internal roof height – important considerations if parents and kids are tall. 

When travelling with young children, creature comforts become important. A toilet may sound like a luxury in the caravan universe, but you’re going to need it with small children. Blue Sky Family Tourer’s separate shower and toilet is a handy feature to keep the peace when you’re on the road. 

Storage is a sanity saver: the kids will want to bring everything. You will need space for the fishing rods, bikes, deck chairs – the list is endless. With the Blue Sky Family Tourer extensive cupboard storage, you will not be tearing your hair out trying to find space. Furthermore, its 185 litre fridge means plenty of room for food to feed the family. 

The Blue Sky Family Tourer is available at Sunrise Caravans – one of Queensland’s leading caravan providers. With the Blue Sky Family Tourer, more Queensland families can now hit the road and join the 288,000 families already travelling within Queensland. The only regret you will have is not doing it sooner.

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