Why Caravan Contents Insurance is a Must and What to Look for in a Policy

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If you’re often on the road with your caravan, or you simply enjoy bringing everything but the kitchen sink with you when you travel, then it is important to consider a comprehensive insurance policy that will cover your contents. Unfortunately, when caravan owners have their contents stolen or damaged, many of them are left with significant financial losses. This happens when owners don’t get insurance because they underestimate the value of their contents. Or, if they do get insured for their contents, they fail to obtain an adequate amount of coverage for their needs.

Underestimating the value of your caravan contents

When we are on the road for long periods of time, we tend to bring many of our valuables and other unnecessary items. Many people don’t realise how quickly the value of their unfixed caravan items can add up. Take the time to add up the estimated cost of replacing the goods you would normally have in your caravan. This includes – but is not limited to – removable furnishings, electrical appliances, clothing, money, technological devices, jewellery and watches, and bicycles. If you would not be able to afford to replace these items, then you should strongly consider including content in your insurance policy.

In what situations will I be covered for damage or loss of contents?

Most insurance companies will cover the loss or damage of items in the same set of circumstances. Despite this, it is important to check with an insurance provider to ensure they don’t have hidden exclusions. Generally, you can expect to be covered for the loss or damage of an item due to an accident, theft or attempted theft, fire, storm, flood, and hail. The sustained damage or loss of the item must occur in the confines of the caravan to qualify for a claim.

Make sure you are adequately covered!

Most insurers have a standard contents plan. Upgrades at the cost of higher premiums are needed to ensure adequate coverage in the event of a lost or damaged item. Payouts will be restricted to a pre-determined amount listed in the policy. If the calculated cost of repairing or replacing your contents is greater than the pre-determined limit, then you will need to customise your policy to cover more expensive items (i.e. jewellery).

The important thing to remember is that your contents must be insured adequately to avoid heartache later on should something occur. At Sunrise Caravans, we specialise in providing quality and reliable caravans for your safe journey’s around our beautiful country. What we don’t specialise in is insurance, so, while these are a few tips, all policies are different so we highly recommend you contact your preferred insurance provider and read their PDS to gain more insight into what policy is best for you and your circumstances.

Happy travels!

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