The Best Australian Campsites for Caravans

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There’s nothing more exciting than hitching your very own caravan to your 4X4 and setting off to a gorgeous destination for a uniquely Australian family adventure. Caravanning offers many fantastic lifestyle options, as you may travel on the road at your leisure to some of the most beautiful and popular caravan parks in the country. Then, in the next leg of your journey, you may plan to go off-road into some of the most stunning and isolated national parks in Australia.

Here are four of the most breathtaking tourism spots around the land. Pick one based on your own taste of adventure, as these locations are home to some of the best campsites for caravans in Australia:

The Outback – Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve (Karlu Karlu), Tennant Creek, Northern Territory

Along with Kakadu, The Devils Marbles are a must for those who have a love of camping and outdoor adventure. Scattered amongst a 100km backdrop of absolutely jaw-dropping outback, these massive granite boulders are some of the most impressive geological wonders of the world. Consider setting up camp amidst the Karlu-Karlu Reserve.

The Tropical Island – Fraser Island, Queensland

Just off the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island lies at the edge of the coral sea and offers the perfect combination of adventure and comfort for travellers and grey nomads seeking sun and panoramic views. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. At its easternmost point lies the Cathedrals; sheer cliffs inlaid with vibrant ribbons of sand – a truly incredible sight. Accommodation options include campgrounds and eco-conscious caravan parks.

The Mountains – Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Tasmania is home to some of the world’s most incredible views. Within the rocky outcrops and gorgeous coastal breeze of the huge Freycinet National Park lies Wine Glass Bay and The Hazards. There’s also an unbelievable marine farm in the park which produces mussels and oysters, the perfect addition to a campfire recipe or adventure cooking menu!

The Rainforest – Cape Tribulation and The Daintree Reserve, Queensland

Far North Queensland’s tropical climate is perfect for a winter getaway. The ancient Daintree Rainforest is a truly magnificent destination for a self-drive adventure. Traditionally, not many caravans made it past the Cape Tribulation tourist park before 2002, as no bitumen was laid before then. Since 2011, roads all the way to Cooper Creek have been completed allowing adventure caravanners to access one of the best eco-tourism destinations in the world.

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