There’s nothing quite like a holiday, and for dog owners, it’s often a priority to plan a dog-friendly trip. Having a caravan allows you the freedom to travel as you please, and bring your canine friend with you. But there are some important things to remember. Here are five caravan tips for dog owners.

1. Test for the trip

Most dogs are quite happy to travel in the car, but caravanning is a different experience. Try taking smaller trips with your dog first to see how they take to their surroundings. Make note of how long it takes before they grow restless. This way you can schedule in stops for toilet breaks and leg stretching.

2. Bring home comforts

Keeping your dog calm is essential for a caravan trip, and some home comforts are a really easy way to do that. Bring their bedding/blankets, favourite toys and treats. These little touches add a sense of familiarity and will help your dog to relax.

3. Stock up

Take more food than you need. You never know what might happen, if you’ll get delayed or decide to extend your holiday. And while you can purchase dog food from most stores, it’s worth having stock in the caravan, just in case. You should also keep a supply of water so that you can put out bowls of water for your dog at any time. This is especially important during the hot summer months.

4. Check vaccinations and chipping devices

Travelling may see you enjoy new environments that your dog isn’t used to. Always check that their vaccinations are up to date to avoid the risk of sickness. You should also check your chipping devices, as even the smartest dogs can find themselves confused or lost in a new place.

5. Do your research

Not all caravan parks, beaches or attractions allow dogs on site. Be sure to check for dog-friendly parks and restaurants in advance. This will avoid last minute searching, or being asked to move on. You won’t want to leave your pet alone, so planning your trip will eliminate stress and worries.

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