3 Tips for Caravanning with Family or Friends

3 Tips for Caravanning with Family or Friends

While setting out on a lonely caravan adventure can be a fantastic way to broaden your horizons and clear your mind, caravanning with family or friends is a unique bonding experience not to be missed. Before heading off on a group caravanning adventure, it’s best to be prepared for any disagreements that could take place along the way. If you plan ahead with the group, you’re guaranteed to have a fun-filled and conflict-free time on the road.

1. Be open to change

While travelling solo or with a partner, it might be best to have a strict routine set-up to ensure you can fit in everything you want to do. When travelling with multiple people, however, things become more complicated. Australia has many beautiful destinations on offer, and different group members have different interests and plans. It’s best to keep your options open, so group members can go as they please, see the sights, and return to meet again at the end of the day. Also, if you keep your mind open about your plans, you may learn to enjoy some of your group members’ favourite activities and experiences, and come home with new knowledge and new hobbies.

2. Join a Facebook group about caravanning

If you want to learn how to do something well, the first step is to connect with people who have done it before you, and done it successfully. Facebook is an excellent resource for this. You can find out about how people have gone group caravanning in the past, and learn all of their tricks of the trade about how they avoided conflict and kept everyone happy. If you’ve already joined the Sunrise Caravans family and purchased from us, be sure to join the Sunrise Caravans Owners Group on Facebook too. Lot’s of tips and tricks in there together with photos and stories of journey’s across this beautiful country of ours.

3. Let everyone have their say

There may be one person in the group who has more knowledge than any of the others. Perhaps they’re an experienced caravanner who has been to caravan parks around the Australia and knows everything there is to know. You can and should take advice from this person, but it’s important to make sure everyone else’s opinions and suggestions are considered too. Take turns in sharing responsibilities. Selecting a different leader for each day is a great way to balance out tasks and let everyone be involved equally.

Happy Travels and remember to Follow Your Dreams!