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De Palace On Wheels

We came back .Yes this is or 2nd caravan we have brought from Sunrise caravans.We loved the service we loved the way we were looked after with our first van .The after sales service doesn’t stop when u drive ur van off the lot  ,

again we left feeling like family & knowing we bought a good quality well made van we feel safe  with expert workmanship has gone into the making of our van.

We were guided through our new van @ handover with Glen thoroughly  going through all working parts of the van like we were 1st time van owners.Anita & Mel can’t do enough to make the changeover  pleasant & nothing is an issue or a problem ,they are so caring & sincere it is a pleasure to deal with them both.Can’t give enough  praise to Jim for all the help hooking us up correctly for a safe drive home & future travels & many thanks to Jim We Luv Luv Luv Our new van.If you want quality excellent workmanship & the best after sales service do not hesitate buying from Sunrise. Saved us lots headaches & confusion trying to pick which brand van to buy.Hope to see many other new owners on the road.

We are real people  & we’re not paid to say a thing ,it is our pleasure to deal with real people who care .So grateful you gave us the opportunity to purchase this palace on wheels.Had no intentions of buying new van as we were over the moon & happy 😊 with the Blue sky radiance.Now we feel like we have won the lottery with our Tropicana Series 1.De palace on wheels🏡

Thanks again Sunrise Caravans

Denise Mike 👍😬


Mike & Cheryl Game

Mike Game

First of all we recently purchased a Blue Sky Splendour Caravan from Sunrise Caravans at Burpengary. 

Furthermore from the first moment we indicated interest in purchasing a new caravan, to the final payment and handover, we have experienced nothing but total courtesy, professionalism and help from the management and staff.

When we finally chosen the make and model, Sunrise were right behind us in any changes or modifications we wished to make and kept us informed as to the progress. When the caravan arrived our final inspection there were some variations to our initial request. Sunrise rectified these straight away and the changes were handled both quickly and professionally to our satisfaction.

Finally if buying a caravan we would recommend you definitely visit Sunrise Caravans, as our experience with them has been rewarding, they are a very helpful and professional company to deal with.

Mike & Cheryl Game


Another Endorsement to the Sunrise Team From Jenny & Terry

Years before retirement came upon us, we started going to the annual QLD caravan expo and about two years ago, we started getting serious!!

So much so, that I took photos of vans we liked the layouts of, price, length etc and narrowed it down to three vans or companies at that stage.

We returned to the caravan expo last September, armed with photos of our BEST vans from the previous year, and started again with a fresh outlook. The 19ft 6in van now seemed to small so we extended to the 21 footer, but the main thing that stood out was, after exploring and examining 20 or 30 companies and van layouts again last year, only two were nearly suitable and ONE stood out from all the rest AGAIN!! And it was the Blue Sky, Splendour!!

So we gingerly ordered one, in our own selected colours , at last year’s expo, only being able to pay for it on hubby’s retirement when the Super came thru. We were guided all the way with the expert help and understanding of sales lady extraordinaire, Melissa and offered and appreciated the extras that were thrown in on the day!! Our van would be ready in February as the tradies have time off in January. All good timing for us!! Plenty of time to retire from teaching in December and have Christmas at home with six weeks to get ready for this next big adventure.

A word of advice here to those reading this review…………….do NOT drive to Melbourne and pick up your new caravan from the factory!! We did……….and now we regret doing so. Allow your new home to arrive safely at your sales office “in style”, where it will then be detailed for you and handed over expertly by Jimmy or Melissa if in Burpengary.

This process is very necessary and allays any fears that you might have of how to change over from electricity to gas, what all the switches are for, how to read all your tanks, how to get the aerial to work etc etc etc. Have a pen and pad handy to jot down notes and ask LOTS of questions. THEN, before the first trip, take it on a “shakedown” somewhere overnight for a weekend, not too far away and get to know it. We did NONE of the above and had a few “teething problems” and quite a bit of stress as we fumbled around until we “taught ourselves” in the first few weeks……….far, far away from helpful staff………….. whilst travelling around Tasmania!! But, nevertheless……… Melissa was there via phone or email to help us out THANK GOD!! Thanx Melissa.

So…………after a month in our new van, touring Tasmania and bringing it home to Brisbane, we took our Splendour into the Burpengary sales office for a complete service and a very belated handover, armed with a page of questions of things we still needed to know or were confused about after teaching ourselves. Once again, the Sunrise sales team were wonderful and extremely helpful, even pointing out to us that we did NOT need to buy an external DVD player as there was one built in to the radio system that operates thru the TV already there. Oh dear!!!!!

Thank you Melissa, Jimmy, Steve and ALL your crew at Sunrise Caravans with your new BIG orange sign on the Bruce Hwy service road. Terry and I are VERY glad that we bought locally thru you and so very happy with our van and the personal service that you have always shown us since we signed the paperwork to buy last September. Our van is now “under wraps” until October when we plan to take off again.

Young Jenny and Terry F
Happy new grey nomads!


Hi Anita, Mel, Jimmy and Steven,

Just a note to say thank you and to provide some feedback from our first trip away in our new van.

First of all there is no doubt that your family formula has helped restore our faith in the caravan industry. We walked away from our other experience quite disappointed and angry. To be truthful we where not sure if we where buying a van on the rebound.

Nothing is a big deal for you all, and good service is always at the forefront. As a result this is our sixth van and no one has ever bothered to take the time that Jimmy did in taking us through the van in detail before we left the yard. We walked away with new knowledge and confident in the operation of our van. Your response to the couple of issues that we had has been fantastic and Mel’s concern for our welfare (when the microwave packed up) above anything else was appreciated.

When we purchased the van Steven’s salesmanship was borne out through his relaxed, but professional demeanor and truly shows a person who knows and has faith in the product he is selling. The sales and handover process was brilliant. It was an excellent experience, so please keep doing what you are doing.

Now to the van. We know that it is definitely water proof as it pelted down for most of the weekend. We did not get the walls up on the annex, but we will do that when the sun comes out again. The boys from Kakadu did a great job as usual and thank you for the deal you gave us. The van tows and handles like a dream behind the Colorado and it is easy to reverse. Its weight distribution is spot on.

As a result we where initially sold on an East West bed and feared being closed in by the side cupboards. Our minds where quickly changed when we got into bed and it is unbelievable how much room there is and the cupboards do not close you in. The bed is easy to make without jamming your fingers between the mattress and the cupboards. It actually feels larger than a queen bed. There is ample space to walk around the bed without banging your knees or running into things.

We love the Café lounge and would never go back to a bench seat again. The fridge is brilliant and super cold. We spent a lot of the weekend indoors and at no time did we feel claustrophobic. You can easily dry and dress in the bathroom.

The only changes we would suggest is a swivel tap on the bathroom sink (easy for shaving), putting a cover over the kitchen sink for extra work space and moving the power points under the TV slightly left to move them away from the TV cabling. The other issues we had where solved through putting things in the right place. It is a great big tick from us, we love it.

We won’t be needing the bigger van now Steven (maybe the next one). Thank you again to you all for looking after us and making the purchase of our new van a very pleasant experience.
Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ben and Maureen White



It has truly been a pleasure to deal with Sunrise caravans .Your whole team was so  professional  & has made  buying our Blue Sky Radiance a very happy experience.

We are members of ACC Caravan Club & have heard a lot of  stories about different  caravans manufacturers,we were a bit sceptical as you were not one of the bigger brand names . We truly say that you listened to us & gave us what we asked for & more.

Your honesty & knowledge of your vans has been reassuring & we can truly say that we would recommend your vans to anyone looking for a van .

The workmanship is a better standard,the  quality  &  finish is better than any top name brand. The presentation is flawless ,we feel you get more value for money & are not paying extra for it,Your vans are not thrown together like some others.

The handover was great our last 2 new vans seemed like once they had their money they wanted you out of the yard Jim on the other hand was great & if we didn’t understand something he would go through it again.Jim thanks so much for the handover you are doing a great job.

Your after sales service is also a credit two everyone  as you do care  what happens after we leave your yard.

Thanks very much Annita, Melisa, Jim & steve also thanks to the manufacturer blue sky  a job well done by all .We truly truly love our Radiance   van  its our own Penthouse on wheels, We would be proud to show anyone along the way or van.
Happy campers thanks again. Denise Mike Blanchard BuderimQld


We would like to thank you all, Anita, Melissa, Steve, Jimmy,  for delivering our “DREAM HOME”

For anyone looking to custom build their caravan, we cannot recommend Sunrise Caravans highly enough for their professionalism and customer service.  The team went out of their way to fulfil our requirements and we could not be happier.

Margaret & Eric Banham,
Bunbury, WA


Hi Melissa, Anita, Jim and the rest of the Sunrise Team,

After taking delivery of our New Sunrise Van we travelled to Maclean in NSW to have a Real Ezy folding boat trailer fitted to the vans rear bumper bar.

As a result the following day we travelled the Gwydir Highway via the Gibraltar Range to Glen Innes, although steep and winding the van towed beautifully, then home to Tamworth. We spent the following days making sure we understood all the workings of the switches, satellite dish and solar. I felt like a pilot doing a pre flight check before take off.

We spent Easter at one of our local dams “Chaffey Dam”, it was a great long weekend, everything worked as it should, and our new van created great interest amongst the other caravan owners. Kerry & I along with Digger our dog would like to thank you all for a well built caravan which is a pleasure to tow, it has given me confidence to take on some of the more difficult locations we haven’t been able to do in the past.

PS. We just love the reclining chairs. Regards John, Kerry & Digger Parsons.  


Hello Sunrise Staff,

We would like to thank and commend all the staff at Sunrise Caravans. Our experience throughout the whole process from start to finish has been an enjoyable one. Therefore  the most important thing for us is the after sales service which you have provided and far exceeded our expectations.

It’s nice to know that you guys are there for us.

Wishing every bit of success with your business.


Greg and Di Collett
Buderim Qld


Dear Anita,

We recently purchased a 22ft caravan from you at your Burpengary address.

It is not very often these days that one feels like writing such a letter. Because  we were so impressed with the quality of customer service provided by all your staff.  We feel compelled to provide you with this feedback.

From our experience with purchasing caravans.  We found the thoroughness in the handover process undertaken by Jimmy and Steve was systematic. It was also thorough and without question the best we have encountered. Furthermore, we would like to thank Melissa and Steve.

Most of all in particular, for going out of their way to follow up and handle to our complete satisfaction. The  other after sales issues.

Finally, a special thanks to you for the professional manner in which you personally handled the sale of the caravan.  I can assure you that we would not have normally made such a significant purchase. As we are so far away from where we live. Unless we were completely happy with the deal and confident with the people we were dealing with.

We wish you all the best for the continued success of your business.

Kind Regards, Peter & Vandra Kelly Hallett Cove.


Hi Melissa, Anita and Jim,

Just to let you know we have had our first incident free 24 hours. Now we are starting to relax and enjoy ourselves!

The great support and service over the last week has been terrific. Also you have all gone the extra mile for us. We are very grateful.  

Although we have caravanned before we are not experts. And do need help to resolve problems. In additon we could not have got to this stage without your determination to fix everything that came up.

Finally  I’m sure the odd minor thing will arise on our way around Australia, after this week’s experience. We can be confident of getting help, and we are really looking forward to the trip. We feel certain the van is going to be an excellent home. We love it! Thanks again – you are a wonderful team!

Best wishes, Andy & Jenny

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